The Portsmouth Declaration

Preamble: A network of diverse, broad-based state advocacy coalitions who collectively seek common ground to improve the educational prospects for all children have come together to promote promising policies, practices, and strategies by engaging impacted stakeholders, respecting diverse viewpoints, and embracing dialogue.

The Portsmouth Declaration, as created by the network’s members in August of 2017, outlines the agreed upon vision, mission, belief, and guiding principles that bind its members together.

Vision: All students have access to a public education that sets and delivers high expectations, preparing them to become healthy, happy, and contributing members of society.

Mission: To establish and empower a national network of local coalitions that build support for public education by advancing policies, practices, and strategies that will improve outcomes for all students.

Our Belief: A high quality public education is the best investment we can make for the well-being of future generations and our country.

Guiding Principles:

●        In adhering to our shared commitment to a high-quality public education for all students, the network will be composed of, and be guided by, a diverse set of state- and community-based coalitions.

●        The network will foster a nimble, entrepreneurial spirit by promoting national, state, and local innovation within the unique political and policy contexts of each community to ensure a high-quality public education for all.

●        To ensure the success of the network, state and community coalitions within the network will broker honest conversations and seek solutions to improve student outcomes